Mixmaster (Whonix)

Although we highly recommend following the instructions on Mixmaster to compile the large-key version of Mixmaster, you can use the one that comes installed with Whonix, which is a bit outdated.

You should know that compiling Mixmaster (i.e., following Mixmaster) would make the whole installation at ~/Mix. However, the one that comes with Whonix (installed from Debian) uses different locations. There are only two important ones you should know: the user files are at ~/.Mix and the binary at /usr/bin/mixmaster. nymphemeral automatically searches for Mixmaster files at those locations and you do not need to configure anything (as explained on [mixmaster]).

Config File

Mixmaster just needs to be configured through the ~/.Mix/mix.cfg file. A very simple config file could be written as follows:

CHAIN *,*,*,*,*
SMTPRELAY localhost

Chain (Optional)

The CHAIN is the path that your messages will take before being delivered. In the configuration above, the messages are going to pass by five mixes, and finally get to the actual target. You can use any sequence and number of mixes in the chain, passing their names or simply * (which means that it could be any mix), separated by commas.


Adding more mixes to the chain will probably increase the latency to deliver your messages. That is actually not a bad thing, but you should decide how long you are willing to wait to exchange messages.

SMTP Server

If you followed Connections (Whonix), you remember that we will use to reach an SMTP server. Using the option SMTPRELAY will tell Mixmaster to use that specific connection.


nymphemeral should be ready to tunnel via Tor messages sent using Mixmaster!

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