Main Dependencies

Make sure that you have the following:

sudo apt-get install python-dev python-tk # If using Debian/Ubuntu
sudo yum install python-devel tkinter # If using Fedora

If you use pip and setuptools (probably installed automatically with pip), you can easily install nymphemeral with:

sudo pip install nymphemeral

The other dependencies used by nymphemeral such as pyaxo, python-dateutil and python-gnupg will be automatically downloaded and installed. You can go to Other Dependencies.

If you do not use pip, you at least have to install setuptools. It provides a few features needed by nymphemeral and will also automatically install the dependencies mentioned above. After making sure you have setuptools, install with:

git clone
cd nymphemeral/
sudo python install

nymphemeral and its dependencies should be installed.

Other Dependencies

nymphemeral will be ready for use after installation via either of the two methods described in Main Dependencies. However, you should follow the instructions from Connections, install Mixmaster and have a News Server running to be able to use all of its features.


If you installed nymphemeral with pip, you can also use it for updates:

sudo pip install --upgrade nymphemeral