Launching nymphemeral

Login Window

Login Window

The client is launched with:


First Time Use

When you launch nymphemeral for the first time, you must import a server public key in order to create and use nyms.

Managing Servers

You can import the Default Keys as well as add, modify or delete any server public key whenever you want by clicking Manage Servers in the login window.

Starting Session

To start a session, in the login window, fill in the Address and Passhphrase fields, choose the output method that you would like to use and click Start Session. If you wish to create a nym, you can follow the same steps - nymphemeral asks if a nym is being created when the address is not found in the keyring.

GPG Agent

If it is enabled, the GPG Agent’s dialogs will be displayed when you need to sign/decrypt messages, prompting you for a passphrase. If you decide not to enable it, nymphemeral’s own dialogs will be used.

Output Method

When Mixmaster is installed and configured, clicking the Send via Mixmaster radio button on the login screen will route all messages to the nymserv through the Mixmaster network automatically.

If you have sendmail configured and running on your machine, you can also choose to send messages to the nymserv as regular email via the Send via Email radio button automatically.

If you would rather send messages manually, select the Display Output in Message Window radio button and then copy the encrypted message from the message window for transmission. If you choose this option it is your responsibility to send the encrypted message to the server. When this last method is being used, the client assumes that the message will get to the server. Therefore, when you finish the creation process, the nym information will be written to disk right away as well as it will be deleted when you confirm to delete the nym.


Regardless the method that is being used, information about the message that has just been created is displayed in the first lines of the text box from the current tab.

Key Manager Window

Key Manager Window

Server Manager Window

Server Manager Window